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New Healthcare Bill Has Addiction Treatment Resources Hanging in the Balance

Northern Kentucky Officials Taking Addiction Prevention into their Own Hands

Your Guide to A Happy, Safe and Sober Saint Patrick’s Day

Is It Time To Adopt A State-by-State Approach to Addiction Treatment?

Rebuilding: The Importance of Perseverance in Addiction Recovery

Misinformation Plays Significant Role in Texas Drug Epidemic

Is the Substance Abuse Gender Gap Narrowing?

Aetna Loosens Restrictions on Addiction Treatment Coverage

Are Recovery Schools the Wave of the Future for Juvenile Addicts?

Louisville Overdose Spike Reignites Treatment Versus Enforcement Conversation

A Closer Look at What Addiction Does to Families

Kroger to Sell Narcan at Pharmacies in 105 East Texas Locations

UT Austin-Led Coalition Seeks Better Pharmaceutical Treatment for Alcoholism

How Will Trump-Era Foreign Policy Impact International Drug Trafficking Cooperation?

Can Ketamine Be Used to Cure Alcohol Addiction?

Recovery Unplugged Featured in El Paso Inc. Article

The Voice of Experience: Recovering Addict Warns of Escalating Meth Problem in Texas

Gregg County Perfectly Represents Texas’ Diverse Addiction Problem

Dropkick Murphys’ New Album Tackles Addiction and Substance Abuse

Causey and Effect: Talking with Songwriter Buddy Causey

Fentanyl Rapidly Becoming Nation’s Most Urgent Drug Threat

What Does 2017 Hold for Addiction Treatment?

When Classical Goes Clinical: The Best Composers to Listen to While Healing

San Antonio Docs Using "Kangaroo Care" to Help Addicted Newborn Babies

The Impact of Music in Physical and Psychological Wellness

New Father-Son Book Highlights Treatment Gap and Prison Rates for Addicts

A Family Thing: Talking with Unlikely Songwriter Patricia Bronson

Tom Petty to Be Named MusiCares 2017 Person of the Year

Obama’s Final Round of Pardons Highlights Prison Rates for Drug Offenders

Common Types of Supplemental Treatment Therapies

Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to Those Impacted by the Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire

Taking It With You: Benefits of Supplemental Therapies in Post-Treatment Life

Losing and Wynning: A Conversation with Colorado Songwriter Andrew Wynne

A Word (or 400) about Addiction in Media and Pop Culture

How Vivitrol Helps Families after Treatment

A Victim of Geography: Where Is Texas’ Drug Supply Coming From?

Alcoholism in Texas by the Numbers

Every Which Way: A Conversation with Montana Songwriter Neil “Filo” Beddow

Avoiding Relapse during the Holidays

The Legacy of Lean: How One Drug Became Tied to the Houston Hip-Hop Community

The Accidental Journey of Philly Songwriter Trip Boyd

An Important Message from Recovery Unplugged Medical Director Dr. David Kramer

US Prisons Using Vivitrol to Curb Post-Release Opioid Addiction among Inmates

Donald Trump’s Drug Prevention Policy…So Far

2016 Red Ribbon Week Spreads Awareness of Drug Addiction

Recovery Unplugged Releases New eBook on the Impact of Addiction on Families

Population of Addicted Homeless Rises Dramatically in Austin

A SAFE and Happy Halloween: Alcohol and Halloween’s Burgeoning Relationship

Holding Them Accountable: Find Out Where Your Candidates Stand on Addiction Treatment

Bunavail to Be Covered Under Texas Medicaid Program

Sing Your Life: The Positive Impact of Singing on the Brain

The Importance of Specialized Therapies in Addiction Treatment

Kratom Stays Off of Schedule 1 List Pending Further Inquiry

Taking It with You: Embracing Music in Everyday Recovery

Rock 4 Recovery Group Healing Wounded Veterans through Music

Utah Musician Creates Musical Score for 12-Step Process

New Jersey Program Uses Music to Connect with Elders with Dementia

Missed Opportunity: What Last Night’s Debate Says about the Current State of Addiction Awareness and Political Will

RU’s Dr. David Kramer Releases White Paper on The Effects of Music Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Are We All Wired for Addiction?

Three Elements of An Effective Aftercare Plan

The Day After: What 11-09-2016 Can Mean for Recreational Marijuana Use

RU Texas Medical Director Featured in TMA Article on Narcan

Recovery Unplugged Texas Celebrates National Recovery Month

Kentucky Hospital Uses Music Therapy to Wean Babies Off of Opiate Addiction

Stanford Bans (Some) Alcohol at On-Campus Parties

Get Involved In International Overdose Awareness Day

Is Vivitrol Right for Me?

DEA Says "No" to Looser Federal Marijuana Restrictions

5 Important Music Therapy Facts

The Relationship between Addiction and Poverty

The Faceless Nature of American Addiction

Texas A&M Researchers Make Significant Discovery about How Drinking Affects the Brain

The Importance of Medically Supervised Detox in Addiction Treatment

Examining and Unpacking The Marijuana Myth(s)

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